Water makes up 80% of the human body, and melt water is your ENERGY, HEALTH, LONGEVITY

Andrii Osadchyi,
founder MeltWaterClub.

Special offer

Melt water

is a synergy of technology and nature. It is
was born naturally, by the method of
freezing, and using
modern developments and production.


years of study, testing, mistakes and victories. As a result: invaluable experience and knowledge that made it possible to produce the “elixir of youth and health” on a large scale


liters of melt water can be obtained from 200 liters of pure artesian water. Well, as you can see, it’s not that pure. This is how our technology works, leaving no chance for impurities and harmful substances.


contraindications and
age or health restrictions. The method of purification of
melt water is supported by scientists from around the world


PH level of Melt Water Club melt water


uses so many times less fresh water to produce thawed water

9 eco

we managed to reduce electricity consumption in production by so many times

Stay young and healthy by drinking living, clean water

improves the process of metabolism

removes destroyed cells, allowing new ones to grow

activates the internal reserves of the body

Melt Water Club* is the only official producer of high-quality melt water using a unique technology in Ukraine and abroad


* Melt Water Club is a trademark of the manufacturer of melt water, Ze Wang Innovation Water Technologies, LLC